What is the gender balance at the top of your organisation? How strong is your female leadership talent pipeline? How sure are you that talented women are being fully utilised?

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This 4 phased development programme enables you to develop and retain your future female leaders and ensure greater equality to your succession planning.

The unique format will bring cross-sector leaders together and is focussed on 3 areas:

  • Authentic Leadership
  • Executive Presence
  • Roadmap for Career Success

The programme consists of three 1 day workshops over 6 months, supported by a powerful combination of coaching, peer mentoring and support.  The culmination is the hosting of the Clarity Leadership International Women’s Day Conference; a high profile event attracting senior business leaders from some of the world’s leading organisations.

Clarity Leadership Female Leaders Programme is aimed at developingretaining and supporting the women within your organisation who

  • Are new into a senior role or seeking promotion
  • Have returned to work after a career break
  • Have great talent but lack confidence
  • Need to build their leadership identity, pitching skills and resilience
  • Lack a strong network of women peers and mentors within their own organisation

There is evidence that women who go through all-female programmes progress more quickly and adapt well to change and challenge, enabling them to achieve their business and personal ambitions and create a culture of inclusion within their own organisations.