Executive Coaching

Enabling, inspiring and motivating people to make impactful changes.
Coaching is a one-to-one, confidential, powerful development tool for leaders at any stage in their career.

Coaching programmes with Clarity will be tailored specifically around your goals.

You may be looking for coaching to support you in a new role, taking on a new team or to help you with a specific short term challenge such as preparing for a promotion. The coaching relationship may be short term or may continue for several months.


Clarity’s Coaching Philosophy

Coaching is needed when coaching is needed. We will have ‘set’ coaching sessions with the coachee and in addition always make ourselves available for those key moments when support is required.

Coaches' Qualification & Accreditation:

Clarity Business Coaches maintain the highest professional standards and qualifications.

Clarity are affiliated and accredited with the most well known coaching bodies: including the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and the Association for Coaching (AC).

All of our Business Coaches are committed to their own ‘Continuous Personal Development (CPD)’ and engage in regular supervision.

We are valued and respected by our clients both for our coaching ability and our business facilitation expertise. Further details of each individual coach's qualifications are available upon request.

Our Values

Our coaching philosophy is underpinned 
by our 4 values:


The Perfect Match

Clarity Business Coaches have varied industry experience and individual talents that will draw out the best in you. We work closely together to initiate a relationship with a coach that suits your particular style and goals. 

Sessions are more impactful if carried out in person and away from the workplace, however many of our clients prefer calls or virtual interactions and we can accommodate this.