Clarity Coach

Aimed at Managers and Leaders who want to develop deep expertise in coaching.

On this course you will learn the practical skills that Clarity applies in its distinctive coaching interactions.

We are proud to share our world class coaching pedigree with you and at the end of the course, you will receive a certification for ‘The Clarity Coach’. This course will hit the mark for leaders, managers and those working in a HR or a learning and development role, who can see the value of integrating a coaching approach to their work.


Programme Overview

Five dynamic 3-hour online modules, including real-life coaching opportunities and invaluable feedback


By the end of this short course, each participant will have

  • Developed a comprehensive set of coaching skills tailored to their business's specific needs
  • Gained proficiency in applying a variety of coaching models and approaches in 1:1 and team settings
  • Enhanced their confidence to coach up and down the hierarchy in their organisation
  • Increased ability to balance both challenge and support 
  • Explored the impact of coaching in a virtual world
  • Examined coaching across cultures and geographies and how this affects their approach
  • Examined the impact of diversity on coaching
  • Acquired tools to promote a culture of accountability and trust in teams