When a new Managing Director, Doug Follett, joined Microsoft Windows Embedded in the US, he was required to establish new processes and increase profitability. To do this, he needed to develop a crystal clear vision to inspire his team and deliver outstanding results.

Clarity in Leadership Preparation

This is the essential ingredient to Clarity’s success. Rigorously challenging time and time again for the leader to create a crystal clear vision to inspire and align the team.

For Doug’s team this is concentrated on 4 core elements:

  • the overall sales targets for Microsoft Windows Embedded for the following three year period
  • model business excellence
  • special emphasis on the highest value partnerships
  • make the plan the highlight of everyone’s’ career
“I had already worked with Clarity Leadership with my European team; using Clarity had enabled us to experience significant success. We were recognised internally as an outstanding team and were consistently achieving our sales targets. Given the challenges we faced in the US, my first call was to Clarity Leadership. I knew they would provide the challenge and the catalyst we required” Doug Follett

Clarity in Team Development

With the leader ready the next stage was to inspire the senior leadership team. This was done via a two-day Leading Unstoppable Teams® workshop. This is a tailored program, combining 1:1 coaching and team workshops. This program benefits from over a decade of research, which folds into your team meetings combining people and leadership development with the key object of delivering your business goals, enabling you and your team to get the right job done more effectively - leading to more outstanding results.

Clarity Leadership delivered a highly engaging program that enabled 3 key areas:

  • Commitment and alignment to the Vision
  • Creating a high performing team culture
  • ID critical path to success and an execution plan

“The workshop was amazing, we were able to challenge Doug on all aspects of the vision, to truly come out of the meeting as one team with a unified vision. Another important element was the open and honest feedback we gave one another. This created a very deep feeling of accountability on the team and it helped us to realise that we contributed to everyone’s’ success on the team, not just our own.” Toby McAuliffe, Sales Director

Clarity in Results

  • The team is meeting its annual targets
  • Stakeholders can clearly articulate the Microsoft Windows Embedded Vision
  • The team scores 6% higher in the company’s Work Health Index than the average Microsoft score
  • Microsoft Windows Embedded is forging new partnerships with high value global organisations
  • The company has run effective pilot schemes which are being rolled out as worldwide best practice

“Once again working with Clarity Leadership has produced great results for both me and the team. They challenge me, which is not always easy, but is what I need! The team have benefited massively. But what I like most is they work with throughout the whole journey, sustainable team development to deliver sustainable results. Thank you!" Doug Follet, Managing Director, Microsoft Windows Embedded