There is a famous clip on YouTube, with over 22 million views, showing a staircase of workable piano keys being installed at a subway station in Stockholm, to encourage the use of stairs.

We love this video, as it shows a gentle and fun way to change behaviour. The makers of the video believe that the easiest way to change people's behaviour for the better is by making it fun to do.

We recently came across another two examples of where passenger behaviour is being gently nudged by subtle cues.

The first of these was on the escalators at St Pancras Station. Indeed, you may have noticed a set of blue footprints on the right side of an escalator you've been on recently, as this is one is now pretty common.

Regular travellers will be familiar with the "keep to the right" signs found on almost every escalator in the city metro. If anything like me, you may even have been frustrated by people that simply don't see the signs, blocking your path as you rush down the left side.

Someone, somewhere, had the brilliant idea of replacing these signs with a set of blue footprints. As you watch, you will notice that people quite naturally move to the right as this subconscious cue comes into play.

The second example was in the shape of two upright pianos, placed at either end of the concourse for people to simply sit and play.

Now, it wouldn't have been the first time we'd spent a few wonderful moments, pausing and listening to the beautiful music being played.

But, it was the first time we'd considered how such an act of purposefully placing these pianos in a very public space with the words "Play Me, I'm Yours" will influence the behaviour of the novice, budding and experienced pianists, whilst delighting so many people as they pass by.

So it set me wondering...

Call to Action

How you might think or rethink your organisation's environment in order for it to gently, and yet so powerfully, shape behaviour.

What 'footsteps' could you use?

And, what 'pianos' can you provide for your people, to delight and engage them?

Let us know what creative and fun ways can you come up with?