With ~41Billion GBP revenues and ~107,500 employees, our client is a global leader in Telecommunication and Information Technologies, headquartered in the UK. As part of a strategy to ensure the continued success of their Enterprise Technology Group, Clarity Leadership was asked to advise and assist in accelerating the growth and development of their People Leaders.


The rapid changes within the business and across the industry require agility in building and retaining strong teams and nurturing leadership talent. Clarity was engaged to design and facilitate a global development experience in order to:

  • Understand where each leader is now
  • Understand their appetite and motivation for future challenges
  • Gain insights into their capabilities at a personal, team and business level
  • Help leaders to set clear development goals; enabling them to better understand and practice their leadership style and personal impact


Working closely with the client design team, Clarity created an engaging and bespoke assessment process: “Fit for Future Leadership”. All leaders taking part completed a Psychometric Assessment to explore their behaviour in a work environment and Ability Tests to understand their preferred reasoning style and strength in each area.

Clarity then designed and delivered a one-day Development Centre run in London and Newbury – with leaders joining from across the globe. Crucial to the process was the engagement of the delegates and their proactivity to both define and attain their success, and this was at the forefront of every action.

Each delegate had two in-depth feedback discussions regarding their assessments, during which they were asked to describe situations in which they had demonstrated competencies key to our client’s growth. They participated in group exercises that explored their ability to influence and engage others, and gave individual presentations on their own leadership challenges and capabilities.

"The Fit For the Future Assessment centres provided a great mixture of development and assessment, and enabled us to get a more detailed understanding of the strengths and needs of our people leaders. We worked very closely with Clarity who were able to meet our needs of delivering at scale in a short timeframe." Marco Serrao, Head of HR, Group Technology Enterprise


142 Vodafone leaders participated over a course of 3 months; each receiving a customised report, compiled by one of Clarity’s Business Psychologists who had personally assessed the leader. These reports were all delivered within two weeks of the assessment and included any other insights that were relevant to the leader’s personal development. All participants also received one-to-one feedback on their results which will form the basis of a personal development plan for them to work on with their manager.

Through this process, Vodafone have identified talent, streamlined their middle management infrastructure and have a sound strategy to retain and develop key talent within the organisation.

"The bespoke development reports were written by qualified business psychologists, and provided quality insight. They have proved a valuable resource, targeting each individual's biggest opportunities to grow further in their roles and the organisation." Marco Serrao, Head of HR, Group Technology Enterprise