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2021 Dates:

Developing Psychological Safety  - 26 Jan or 25 Feb

Unconscious Bias, Diversity & Inclusion - 28 Jan or 11 Feb

Leadership Myths & Mindsets - 2 Feb or 4 March

Overcoming Zoom fatigue - 23 Feb or 18 March

Present like a Pro - 9 Feb or 9 March

Mental Health in Times of Change and Challenge - 2 or 16 March

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These short, powerful and interactive sessions are led by inspirational business coaches and facilitators from the Clarity Team. During the 2-hour sessions you will learn about what impacts your and your teams’ behaviours and how this can affect performance.

Overcoming Zoom fatigueAngus Freeman

Tired of sitting in back-to-back virtual meetings? Struggling to maintain your own focus and harness the attention of others? Want to know how to make the virtual meetings you lead more engaging and effective?  In this session we will look at the tools and techniques that will help you lead and facilitate virtual meetings that maximise impact while minimising time screen time.

Learning outcomes

  • How to prepare yourselves and others for an impactful meeting
  • How to create and maintain energy and engagement in the virtual room
  • How to ensure your meetings are set up to deliver against the desired outcomes

Unconscious Bias, Diversity & InclusionDonna Herdsman

In this session you will explore and learn why unconscious bias can act as a barrier to people realising their full potential.  We will investigate what micro aggressions are and what impact these can have.  We explore what we can do as individuals and leaders to create and sustain an environment where people are able to be their best self.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify unconscious bias in action
  • Why diversity and ally ship matters
  • Create an environment for people to succeed. 

Developing Psychological SafetySarah Winckless MBE

The key to innovation, creativity and high performing teams is developing Psychological safety.   Google’s project Aristotle linked the ability to take risks and be vulnerable to the foundation of their 180 highest performing teams.   Now in an emergent system, where adaption, creativity and teamwork are more important than ever, learn the keys to unlock psychological safety for you and your teams.

Learning outcomes

  • Consider how psychological safe their organisations are and what the implications of this rating
  • learn the keys to unlock psychological safety and will have identified a business opportunity where they can apply these keys.
  • Commit to actions that can be applied within the business immediately to shift the dial

Present like a Pro – Louisa Preston & Luisia Baldini

Learn from former BBC News presenters to Present like a Pro – this powerful session will help you communicate with impact to camera.   As more and more our ongoing communications will via camera you will review how you get your message across succinctly, with passion and how to make you stand out.

Learning Outcomes

  • Tips & tools to communicate to Camera
  • Communicate succinctly and with passion
  • How to make your communication stand out

Leadership Myths & MindsetsTim Bilton

Unlocking the myths and challenging mindsets around Leadership, this session will explore the psychology of effective Leadership, bringing participants a practical and deeper understanding of their own styles, preferences, agility and opportunities for growth.  This session will introduce ‘Conscious Leadership’ as well as the psychology around your derailers, please join us to learn more about yourself.

 Learning outcomes

  • Challenge the myths and limiting mindsets around Leadership
  • Build understanding of your Primary Leadership Styles
  • Learn how to gain trusted feedback on your Leadership Style, and increase your self-awareness

Mental Health in Times of Change and ChallengeSarah Perugia

This workshop is designed to support you navigate these unusual times.  Many teams and individuals have been deeply affected by, not only the COVID pandemic, but also multiple organisational challenges, such as restructure and market pressures. Research shows that many people are experiencing a significant dip in mental health and that this is having an impact on talent retention, productivity and performance. This workshop is designed to give immediate practical tools to help build better mental health and a positive team culture. It will also offer insight for leaders, as they lead the wider team towards better mental health, energy and positivity.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding what impacts mental health and being empowered to take positive action
  • Immediate manageable practical tools to build better mental health, productivity and energy
  • Creating an individualised action plan, which will yield tangible, positive, measurable results