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2022 Dates:

Effective Hybrid Working – 27 Jan or 10 March

Managing Stress – 1 Feb or 22 March

Virtual Personal Brand - 2 Feb or 23 March

Constructing Impactful Business Messaging  - 8 Feb or 3 March

Values Based Leadership - 10 Feb or 8 Mar

Elite Athlete in the Workplace - 22 Feb or 15 Mar

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Clarity v-Espresso are short, powerful and interactive sessions led by our inspirational business coaches.  Each of these 2hour sessions are designed to provide you and your team thought provoking content to improve your performance.  These popular sessions are inclusive and designed for anyone to attend.  The six wide ranging titles ensures there is something for everyone in your team and your organisation. 

Sessions are:

Effective Hybrid Working – Tim Bilton

Hybrid might be new, but great teamwork isn’t! In this v-espresso we explore how hybrid working is challenging leaders and their teams, and specifically, what are some accessible strategies for navigating the ‘new normal’. In a sea of conflicting information, messages, and constantly changing expectations, we will explore common challenges and opportunities for teams and leaders. We draw insight and data from the latest thinking of both Academia and corporate research initiatives.

Learning outcomes:

  • Exploration of Hybrid Working, old vs. new?
  • Opportunities for re-shaping the future of your work – what can you do: experimentation?
  • Tips and principles for maximising team work in the new-normal


Managing Stress - Sarah Perugia

What does the word stress mean to me? How can I manage my own mental wellbeing? How can I effectively support my team when they feel under pressure?  Research shows that the changes and challenges we have all faced through the pandemic have had a huge impact on mental health. 74% of adults in the UK have felt so stressed at some point over the last year they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope.  If we want to retain talent and have teams who are able to fulfil their potential, it is vital to offer effective support.

 Learning outcomes:

  • Understand what stress is and how it manifests
  • Practical toolbox of stress-management techniques
  • Action plan for managing stress, for both you and your team


Virtual Personal Brand – Sarah Perugia

You already have a Personal Brand and you are telling a story with every interaction. But are you telling your ideal story, one that will help your career journey?  What is the unique value you bring with you into each conversation? What are your areas of passion or expertise? How would your colleagues describe you?    Understanding and expressing your Personal Brand is vital to managing your success. In this hybrid working world, having strategies to increase visibility is more important than ever. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Knowing how to create your ideal Personal Brand
  • Strategies to manage your Personal Brand narrative with others
  • Creating a clear Personal Brand Action Plan


    Constructing Impactful Business Messaging – Angus Freeman

    The ability to communicate a message, clearly and concisely, can play a significant part in determining you own personal impact. It can also strongly influence the contribution you and your teams make to your organisation’s success.  Welcome to the Pyramid Principle. 

     Learning outcomes:

    • Discover how the human brain tends to process and store information,
    • Learn the theory behind how to structure and communicate information aligned to the human brain’s preferences
    • Work together in small groups to put the theory into practice


    Values Based Leadership - Tim Bilton

    To create and foster cultures at work that allow people to find meaning, Leaders must draw authentically on their own Values. Doing this in service of guiding and motivating others, Leaders can enhance decision making, trust and commitment, creating conditions to enable their teams to win.  This workshop invites you to explore your Values at another level, find ways to have a deeper conversation around the impact you want to have, and find out more about clarifying your purpose.

    Learning outcomes:

    • Review of your Values, your Organisation’s Values and your Ethics
    • Linking your Values to your Purpose
    • Connecting your role to your Purpose


    Elite Athlete in the Workplace - Dr. Cameron Nichol

    In the new world of work, one thing is clear: competition is fierce. The employer battling for talent, the employee with an eye on advancement (professional and personal), the leader pushing to problem solve – all need an edge. In this workshop, medical doctor, entrepreneur and former Olympic rower, Cameron Nichol, shares simple, adaptable strategies ­– from big-picture thinking to daily habits – that put elite individuals and teams in podium positions.  

     Learning outcomes:

    • Learn the factor most leaders forget in the pursuit of marginal gains  
    • Spot when the odds are in your favour and keep your cool under pressure 
    • Create and execute your own training programme to maximise potential