Unstoppable Teams Programme

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What the programme typically looks like

Ensure the team are aligned and committed to a compelling goal • The team will need to demonstrate understanding by delivering an elevator pitch on this goal, why it’s important and how success will be measured

Essential Planning to achieve the goal: • Develop Critical Path  • Develop Team Governance Structure

Create 100 day execution plan • Identify specific owners and timescales • Agree accountability

Team check-in  • Are we effective? Are we efficient?  • How can we improve in order to achieve the goal?

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The Unstoppable Teams programme has delivered dramatic results for our clients over many years.  It is the most successful and popular of all of the Clarity products.   Speak to one of our Business Coaches about how the Unstoppable Teams programme would work for you and your team.
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The Unstoppable Teams Programme® is a phased, tailored programme combining executive team workshops and 1:1 coaching.  It follows a proven process to deliver increased business performance and benefits from over a decade of research.  This programme delivers sustained results when it becomes an integral part of your regular departmental meeting schedule; combining team and leadership development with  3 key objectives:

 1. Setting a clear, compelling team Vision and Goal 2. Identifying a Critical Path and Execution Plan 3. Improving the Team Dynamic to achieve the goal

 Programme Outcomes The key objective is to help you to deliver your business goals and enable you and your team to get the right job done more efficiently - achieving more outstanding results.  Team meetings become more efficient, mediocrity is unacceptable and all team members are held to account. By the end of the programme there should be absolute clarity for leader and team on what the team needs to achieve and why - and a clear plan of how they will get there.  

 Target Audience  This programme is targeted at teams wishing to work more cohesively to improve their impact and effectiveness within the organisation.