Lee Newman, Group CEO of VPS
Revealing podcast from a former British Athlete who, post retirement with no qualifications started life at PC World. 18 years on he’s had a meteoric rise to Group CEO, overcome imposter syndrome and actively seeks difficult circumstances to give him a competitive edge.
Nicole Farmer, General Manager, Sanofi Genzyme
This week we hear from Nicole Farmer, UK&I General Mgr for Sanofi Genzyme and the importance of purpose in leadership. She shares how she balances her role at both work and at the Samaritans, whilst being a Mum and training for IronMan.
Episode 1 - Scott Petty, CTO of Vodafone UK
Our first guest is Scott Petty, UK Chief Technology Officer Vodafone leading a 3000 strong organisation and the roll-out of 5G. We explore his leadership journey, what makes him mad and how he’s adapted to life in UK.Brought to you by Clarity Leadership