Ben Osborn, MD and Company Manager UK, Pfize‪r
Off the back of launching the world’s first Covid vaccine, Ben shares the importance of purpose and how this drives him both in his professional career at Pfizer and his personal life.  He shares the challenges of balancing work, family life and running and his guilty pleasure is a gem.
Ami Silverman, Corporate VP Worldwide Sales & Marketing Consumer and Devices at Microsoft
From her first job at 16 and her first retail store manager role at 19, Ami shares her leadership mentors and her challenges in managing crisis at both LA riots and 9-11. She reveals what high performance looks like to her along with her own leadership strengths and development opportunities in...
Jatinder Harchowal MBE, Chief Pharmacist of Royal Marsden
Engaging podcast from the Chief Pharmacist of Royal Marsden awarded an MBE for his work at London Nightingale. He shares stories of being part of the Nightingale team whilst personally contracting Covid-19.