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What the day looks like

  • 0930  Meet & Coffee
  • 1000  The Authentic Self
  • 1030  Values & Mission
  • 1100  Virtual Personalities
  • 1230  Lunch & building your network
  • 1330  What Story are you Telling?
  • 1430  Personal Values exercise
  • 1630  Action Planning
  • 1700  Close

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Join an Open Workshop or talk to us about delivering this as a bespoke session for your team
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How would your best friend describe you?  Your manager?  Your team?  Are you presenting your authentic self to the world?  How we show up, whether to a meeting, in conversation or over email can sometimes be incongruent with how we are feeling or what we truly believe.  In this digital age, our audience is vast meaning that none of us are invisible.  This workshop is ideal for new leaders, those looking for development or progression in their career or leaders who have experienced a recent change and are re-evaluating how they present themselves to the world.

Your Personal Brand has never been more important, and developed wisely can be hugely beneficial to your business performance, teams and relationships. 

Business Coach, Facilitator & Talent Development

Clarity Business Coach Sarah Perugia is your host for the day. Prior to working with business leaders, Sarah was a professional actor.  This actors' toolbox, along with her NLP and Coaching expertise, mean that Sarah is well placed to help you to develop your personal brand and impact.