Business coaching is a one-to-one activity, which is action-focused, “adult to adult” and confidential. 

At Clarity Leadership we operate from the fundamental assumption that all of our clients are capable and resourceful people, even when they are facing tough challenges.

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coaching Individuals

Coaching enables individuals to establish and fine-tune the competencies that they need to the job well, inspiring and motivating them to make useful changes. Because all clients’ requirements and needs are different, the content of all coaching programmes will be different, being tailored specifically around what the individual wants to achieve. Having identified and set powerful goals, the coachee will be supported in harnessing the resources they need in order to achieve them.

coaching SESSSIONS

The sessions start with a three-way meeting between coachee, coach and manager or sponsor to outline the objectives for the programme. Following on from that in essence it is a series of meetings with your coach that give you the opportunity to explore and resolve issues relating to your development and effectiveness. A typical package includes six two-three hour session. Sessions are usually face-to-face and away from the workplace but can take place by phone or Skype by mutual arrangement. 

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