Sally Walker
Senior Coach, Experienced Change Leader

Sally is a highly experienced leader in executive and non executive roles, operating at board level within the national security community for nearly 2 decades, and now a board chair in local government. She is an active and enthusiastic diversity champion and works with organisations to deliver strategic and values driven change, and to ensure every voice is heard.

Following training as a change programme director by the Oxford Business School, she was responsible for investment in the UK’s cyber capability including the national strategy to build a capable workforce across defence and industry. 

Sally’s coaching is focused on individual talent development and team effectiveness; her passion is people and their unrealised potential. She is challenging, thought provoking and insightful on the importance of organisational culture and unconscious barriers to performance. 

With a Cambridge degree in experimental psychology and a long career of digital transformation work with technical specialists, Sally enjoys exploring the linkages between artificial and human intelligence, and the challenges and opportunities of a big data world for commercial organisations. Sally has recently spoken at international business and academic conferences on the societal impacts of technology. 

Other interests include the renovation of a large, uncontrolled and time consuming garden, 3 dogs, 3 boys and a dozen hens (to have at least some diversity balance in the household!). Winner fo the mayor’s award for individual contribution to Cheltenham through Covid, it appears the instinct to look out for the wider team goes well beyond the work environment.


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