Angus Freeman
Senior Business Coach

With more than 25 years in increasingly senior supply chain leadership roles, Angus has a deep understanding of the importance in business of “how things work; individually and collectively” and he has a passion for enabling and building teams to work together and work better! Having experience both in large global blue chip organisations (15+ years with GlaxoSmithKline) and also in mid size businesses (10 years within the UK printing and packaging industries), Angus is very aware that driving tangible improvement is often far more complex than it can at first seem. He is a great believer in the co-creation of the “people, processes and systems” he sees as being required to drive sustainable change - and he has a track record in doing just that.

While the majority of Angus’s career has been transforming and optimising performance within the supply chain (planning, buying, making, moving and selling) his passion for people and personal development, for how we think and how we behave, has taken him to other areas within the business . At GSK he held senior roles in Learning and Development (including the successful establishment of a Supply Chain Academy) and Ethics and Compliance (exploring organisational culture and values based decision making). 

Outside of work, Angus has a deep seated passion for team sports; although these days instead of seeing him playing in the team you are much more likely to see him somewhere in the world watching and appreciating others; or alternatively you may find him in his local Pilates studio, as he strives to restore the flexibility and strength of his youth!

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