The Healthy Leader

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Thames Lido

Napier Street

Reading RG1 8FR

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What the day looks like

  • 09.30    Welcome & coffee
  • 10.15    The mind-body connection
  • 10.30    Your Energy Wheel
  • 11.00    Movement & non exercise thermogenesis
  • 12.30    Lunch  
  • 13.30    Mindfulness, breathing & body language
  • 14.30    Nutrition & Energy Balance
  • 16.00    Daily practice & action planning  
  • 17.00    Close

Booking Information

Our venue is Thames Lido, recently refurbished Victorian Swimming Complex within 10 mins walk from Reading Station.    Natural light, delicious lunch and inspiring surroundings. Investment £595+VAT.Join at Open Workshop or talk to us about delivering this as a bespoke session for your team.
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Your mental and physical wellbeing are in your hands.  Every day you decide what you eat, how much you exercise, when you sleep… and these decisions will have an impact on your energy and your mindset. Consider how it would feel to approach each day with a clear and focussed mind, positive outlook and still have energy to spare. 

As a leader, responsible for motivating a team and inspiring confidence in your clients and colleagues, this can have a powerful impact on your productivity and that of those around you. This one-day workshop combines elements of the Clarity Art of Resilience workshop with practical advice on managing your nutrition and fitness.  We unpick your decisions and behaviours during times of stress – good or bad, change & business travel, and give you practical tools that you can draw upon to improve your general wellbeing and ultimately your performance as a leader.

Business Coach, Facilitator & Talent Development

Sarah’s unusual combination of Executive Coach, NLP Practitioner give her a unique insight and will make this a really powerful learning experience. Sarah specialises in mind management and nonverbal communication to encourage positive psychology.


Harry works with senior business leaders, helping them to achieve their health & fitness goals by applying the same strategies and rigour as we do for business success. He understands the demands of work and travel and believes that with the correct information everyone can make a choice that will benefit their health and performance.