Clarity Espresso

Friday, May 17, 2019


Wokefield Mansion

Goodboys Lane

Reading RG7 3AE

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What the morning looks like

  • 0900    Welcome & Opening Plenary
  • 0915    Session #1
    Personal Brand
    What story do you tell through your tone of voice, body language and personal image?  In a digital age where our  audience is vast we are never invisible – how do you show up; what is your leadership identity?
  • 1000    Session #2
    Team Accountability
    How do you create a productive team where each member is accountable for their actions? We share some of the key changes you can make to improve your team dynamic and output.
  • 1100    Session #3
    The Healthy Leader
    What affects your energy levels positively/negatively?  We discuss the quick wins to improve your mental and physical wellbeing and that of those around you.
  • 1200    Session #4
    Improve your personal productivity by using these basic principles to assess and manage your day, both in and outside of the workplace
  • 1300    Close

Booking Information

Our venue is The Mansion House in Wokefield Park, just south of Reading.  Easy access from M4 and A33, 20 mins cab from Reading Station.Investment £295 +VAT  or £1k +VAT for four places
Book Online

Clarity Espresso is a fast paced morning of short and powerful development sessions to enable you to improve your leadership skills.

During four 45 minute group sessions led by inspirational speakers from the Clarity team, you will learn more about what impacts team and individual behaviours and how this can affect performance.

As you rotate through each of the sessions, you will get 4 different shots from the main cornerstones of the Clarity offering.

Sarah Perugia - Personal Brand  Sarah’s professional background of Executive Coach, NLP Practitioner and stage actor give her a unique insight into the power of your personal brand and how this can impact your relationships, career and performance as a leader.

Chris Lewis - Team Accountability  With extensive experience running large teams within Microsoft for over 25 years, and now as a senior business coach with Clarity, Chris is perfectly placed to share his insights into effective team management.

Harry Halls - The Healthy Leader  Harry works as a personal trainer and coach to senior executives; a common theme is an energy and time deficit and the detrimental affect that this can have on physical and mental wellbeing.  Through improved nutrition and smart movement goals, he will share how to reverse that trend.

Earl Lynch - Productivity  “Once met, never forgotten” Earl has a larger than life personality and is guaranteed to create an impact. His energetic and empathetic facilitation style reaches the audience on an intellectual and emotional level, creating a long-lasting positive learning experience.