Coming in the spring, Easter has long been associated with change and new beginnings. As we emerge from long, dark winters the world becomes brighter and a little more optimistic.

As Easter is almost upon us, we were wondering what are the new beginnings you're looking forward to?

We have many favourite quotes at Clarity Leadership and one particular favourite is:

"If you keep doing the same thing, then you will keep getting the same results."

As with Easter and springtime, new beginnings, changes in the way we do things, come after a period of long, dark days of facing change - and taking responsibility for your part in that change.

But change often seems hard, maybe even daunting, so it's easy for people to fall below the line, becoming a victim to circumstance and a persecutor they call ‘the organisation’, an entity that doesn’t really exist - not in the way they think.

Try it out.

Next time you hear someone say “it’s the organisation“, ask them:

"Who exactly IS this organisation?"

By definition, an organisation is a nominalisation of the verb: to organise.

Simply put, it’s a bunch of people organising themselves around a purpose or task.

Of course, on the flip side to all this, leaders may take on too much responsibility to rescue the workforce from the ravages of change.

A real paradox whilst simultaneously appearing to be the villain of the piece by the very people they wish to save!

There are examples of this happening daily, where Karpman’s drama triangle is being played out before our eyes, with each role of Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer being condoned, supported and maintained.

In times of change, even when the winter is at it's darkest, it’s time for all of us to step up…to take responsibility for the new beginning we want to have.

To recognise that you ARE the organisation you work in and to take responsibility for yourself in the midst of change.