One big challenge for any organisation is to spot high-potential and emerging leaders in such a fast-paced world.

Think for a moment. Our future leaders are among your current employees. Yet, how confident are you as a leader that you know who they are? And how do we distinguish between performance and potential - they are not the same!

During the past year, there has been a call for strong leadership in changing and ambiguous times. There will continue to be a need for leaders who can adapt and navigate uncertainty as we come out of the pandemic and create a hybrid, omnichannel way of working. But, how do we spot these people? After all, they may not be the same people who have excelled to date.

Identifying high-potential talent is critical to any organisation's success, possibly more at this moment than any other in our lifetime.

In this article, we bring you 8 traits of high-potential talent to help you spot the stars already in your organisation:

1. Imagination

Intelligence has been the accepted measure that best predicts the ability to perform at a higher level. However, in the future, your talent will also need the imagination and vision to develop what 'could be'.

2. Emotionally Intelligent

For some time, Emotional intelligence has been shown to be an important leadership competency. In the future, it is critical for leaders to be self-managed, show empathy and build social networks.

3. Resilient

When leaders fail, they are soon coming up with ways to try again, using the failure as a foundation for future success. Although it may be hard to measure, it is a characteristic that is easy to spot

4. Growth Mindset

It is important to recognise an individual's potential, over performance. Clearly, performance is important but it does not reveal your people's propensity to learn and grow.

5. Self-Driven

Motivation is the difference that will transform an individual's ability into success. The drive to do what is needed to be done to achieve the best possible outcomes will differentiate the leaders of tomorrow from the rest of the pack.

6. Boldness

Being bold is a must-have trait for anyone with high leadership potential. The courage and willingness to act against the norm in the interests of the organisation are indispensable.

7. Mentorship

The ability to mentor and adopt coach-like behaviour is another essential leadership competence. People are naturally attracted to follow leaders who can mentor them to success.

8. Alignment

People who are aligned to the company purpose and its set of values are more motivated and driven. Some employees may need incentives whilst others are naturally inclined to relish being part of something bigger than themselves. Those are your high potential talent.

In addition to these, modern and future leaders need to possess the right blend of character traits. These include gratitude, modesty, honesty and integrity, to ensure that they lead congruently.

Your investment in developing high-potential leaders carries a high ROI. That's the reason you need to identify such talent and go on to develop them to their full potential.

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