At the start of each year, many of us set out with all good intention to achieve new goals.

Yet, within a few weeks, we find the toughest part of achieving these goals is getting started!

If you are putting off starting a goal in 2021, or just putting off that thing you know you really must do, then here are 5 ways to help you overcome your procrastination:

1. Break It Down

Trying to achieve something big or solving a complex problem can often seem overwhelming, scary or even impossible. Take time to break it down into smaller parts and address each part separately.

2. Start Easy

When you have an “impossible” task, start with an easy part to get it out of the way. This can give you the confidence to tackle more and gain momentum.

3. Dream Big

Use your imagination. When drudging through your tasks, imagine a wonderful reward when you’ve completed it, such as receiving a standing ovation, receiving a barrel full of cash or having the holiday of a lifetime.

4. Treat Yourself

When you are having a tough time sticking to your goals, give yourself a reward for making progress. Maybe you get up every morning at dawn to run, so as a reward for completing your job, let yourself sleep in for an extra hour.

5. Face The Fear

Some tasks just can’t be put off any longer and need to be worked on. As hard as it may be, dig in your heels and face scary tasks directly. Don’t let fear hold you back! By forcing yourself to get started you can easily complete the rest of your work.

By implementing some of these ideas in your life, you will be better equipped to beat procrastination.