Choosing Your Time Wisely

Posted: Jun 24, 2020

Most people we come across are being driven by the urgent stuff, eating into their capacity to deal with that which is important. It seems that this has been no different during the last few months of lockdown - indeed, it has become even more so. This month we're offering three simple strategies to help you choose your time wisely.

Overcoming the Fear of Presenting

Posted: Oct 24, 2019

It's been said that making a presentation is the most fearful experience for so many people that it's up there with facing death in the fear stakes!

While that may not be meant literally, it illustrates that fear could be the stumbling block behind a great presentation. How it’s handled will make the difference between a really successful, motivating and inspiring communication and something that falls flat. There are a number of ways to reduce the fear that could make a real mess of your message.

If you are continually worrying about the next thing that could go wrong, you’re killing yourself mentally every single time.

Instead, think through what you want to achieve, concentrate on the outcomes you want, rather than the speech itself, and that fear will dissipate into the distance as you confidently approach the presentation with ease and motivation.

How well do you REALLY know yourself?

Posted: Oct 04, 2018

We're told by the leaders we coach that raising their self-awareness is the single most important benefit coaching brings them.  We use a simple exercise called Credo Memo in both our coaching and leadership programmes, that asks the fundamental question: "How well do you REALLY know yourself?"

Your motivations, your values and your beliefs? And, where these came from. Here’s the thing, if you don't have self-awareness, how on earth can you expect anyone else to be at their best when working with you?